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Parrish Smoke Detector InstallationsEvery residential or commercial structure in Parrish has wiring and switches. Like everything else, these switches, electrical outlets and even the wiring connections can fail with time. Many older Parrish homes may still have the old fuses instead of the more modern and safer breakers. Call Sandrey Electrical Services for an electrical upgrade if you still get blown fuses in your Parrish home. Still more older Parrish residences still do not have high quality smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can save your Parrish home and the lives of you and your family.

You can feel confident calling Sandrey Electrical Services, knowing that our highly trained licensed local electricians will treat you, your family, and your Parrish, Florida property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Whether hanging a ceiling fan, installing a custom landscape lighting system, swimming pool lighting, rewiring a commercial structure, or other electrical services, you can trust Sandrey Electrical Services.

Repair Lightning DamageLicensed Professional Bradenton ElectricianTampa Bay is known as the "Lightning Capital of the USA" for good reason. During the summer months in the Parrish area, we have learned to expect thunder storms around mid afternoon every day, and lightning can damage your delicate electronic equipment from miles away. Surge protectors are absolutely necessary for any stereo or computer equipment you have here in the Parrish area.

Don't be caught in the dark. Call Sandrey Electrical Services for installation and maintenance of emergency home generators in the Parrish Florida area, so you won't be left without power.

We also install and repair automation controllers such as timers, photocells and wireless controls. Many newer Parrish homes have pools, security lighting and landscape lighting. Call 941-776-5442 for repairs to these systems, or if you would like to upgrade to these systems.

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